Why Support?

You should slap yourself in the back of the head for even asking this! Of course you should support Formula North! It’s Canadian and it strives for practical hands-on experience that many engineering students lack prior to graduating. If you reside in Canada and agree with any of the statements below, then you should consider supporting this amazing event!

Educator: You believe it’s high-time everyone gave some precedence to motorsports education, rather than just refer it to another waste of time. After all, isn’t Formula 1 the brain-child of most of the green initiatives we see on passenger vehicles these days?

Formula Student Alumni: You believe it’s your time to give back. Being on a team in your school days developed your skills and made you the individual you are in the workforce. And now, you can finally stop wondering as to why Canada never had a competition when it is home to more than 20 teams. Imagine winning the cup on home soil – now you can give that opportunity to a participating student team!

Talent Manager: You always wondered what Formula Student was about – you have seen it pop-up on so many resumes in the past and have been amazed by the experience students gather from such events. Well then here is your chance to find out and support the experience!

Parents/Girlfriend/Boyfriend of current Formula Student team member: We know you wished your smart son/daughter/boyfriend/girlfriend didn’t have to travel to the States or to Europe for a competition. They could care less (because their first love has always been the car) but you do, and you wish there was a competition much closer so that you could cheer for them and watch them come home for dinner. Well guess what, Formula North will do just that!

Friend/Classmate of current Formula Student team member: You’ve seen that friend/classmate of yours half-asleep in class because he/she has been up all night building the car. You always say you will help out but realize that you have absolutely no time in your packed schedule. And recently they he/she has mentioned how broke they are after buying that plane ticket to compete abroad. Do him/her a favor – donate to Formula North and get the chance to watch them compete close to home. You won’t feel bad anymore for never showing up to help and he/she will appreciate the fact that you could actually make it to watch them compete!

-Autocross lover: The name says it all. Built from scratch and competing for the best lap time… you can stop drooling now.

-Random individual: Come on! You have to admit that this initiative is cool. At some point in time, you wished you could have done something like this (when you had all that time in your hands). So support the cause and keep the coolness alive!

No matter who you are and what you do, Formula North will play a big role in how we view engineering education. The competition places precedence on real-life scenarios and ultimate understanding of mechanical concepts and design. It opens up opportunities for more student teams to develop at non-participating institutions and gives young individuals a chance to apply classroom theories to a life-size prototype. More importantly, the competition raises awareness within our community about the presence of these student teams within our school and why it is so imperative to show them that Canadians support them every step of the way.

Have we given you enough reason to click the Donate button?

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